Our Financial Planning Process

Advisors at Mosaic Wealth Management take a needs based approach to customizing a financial plan for each client. We make it a priority to understand your unique needs and expectations. Using a six step process, we collaborate with you to help you pursue your financial goals and objectives. 


Together, we will complete a thorough review of your current financial situation. Additionally, we will ask lots of questions pertaining to both your long and short term financial goals.


This is where we get to work for you. We will analyze your current financial situation relative to your goals and objectives.


Based on our complete analysis, we will propose custom strategies to build on your financial strengths and shore up any weaknesses or gaps. We take an educational approach by providing several different options for you to choose from. While we will make a recommendation, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable with any course of action.


Once you’re satisfied with the financial planning and investment recommendations, we will guide you through the implementation process. From forms and applications to transfers and collaboration with other professionals, you’ll be guided every step of the way.

Ongoing & Proactive Management

Financial markets are ever-changing. We, along with our portfolio strategists, consistently monitor your portfolio to account for changes as well as to take advantage of opportunities.


Changes happen in your personal life. We get it. Our expectation is to meet with all of our clients at least once annually to review your progress. At this time, we’ll be sure to incorporate any changes needed into your financial plan and investment management strategy.